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What is the difference between 0ver 80 and impaired DUI?

The difference between What is the difference between over 80 & ImpairedImpaired and What is the difference between over 80 & Impairedover 80 is best illustrated by an example. Some people simply have no tolerance for alcohol, due perhaps to their youth, inexperience or even health issues. In cases such as these even one or two drinks will dramatically affect their sobriety. If they are pulled over in such a state they would be arrested immediately for impaired driving and taken to the police station. They may well even blow under the legal limit but they will nevertheless face a charge of impaired driving because, despite the relatively minor amount of alcohol that they had to drink the effect on their ability to drive is obvious and pronounced. Conversely, some people such as heavy drinkers and alcoholics can consume inordinate amounts of alcohol and still betray no signs of impairment whatsoever.

"provide a sample"

What is the difference between over 80 & ImpairedIf they are pulled over the investigating officer may simply detect an odour of an alcoholic beverage on their breath and thereupon demand that they provide a sample of their breath into a roadside screening device. Once they have registered a fail on that machine the officer then has reasonable and probable grounds to arrest them for suspicion of being over the legal limit. I have had cases such as these where the person subsequently blows more than three or even four times the legal limit but will not even be charged with impaired driving. They will simply face the initial charge of over 80. The difference in these two cases is obviously one of tolerance. Generally there is a correlation between one's blood-alcohol level and impairment but that is not necessarily always the case. The real issue is whether the amount of alcohol consumed by a particular individual impaired their ability to operate a motor vehicle.


What is the difference between over 80 & Impaired

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