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Why is Michael Engel is the best choice in Toronto, GTA and Surrounding Areas?

There are very few criminal lawyers in Ontario that can say that their entire practice is devoted to defending drinking and driving offences. Michael Engel is one of them. He defends people against these charges every day of every week and has been doing so for many, many years. This makes Michael one of the most experienced DUI lawyers in Ontario. An experienced lawyer practicing solely in the area of drinking and driving offences is your best chance at beating a DUI.

Michael has earned a reputation as a hard working, thorough lawyer focusing in DUI offences and prides himself on the notion that if there is a defence in your case, he will find it. The majority of clients retain Michael because the loss of their license or a criminal conviction would be devastating to their life and/or career and they have no choice but to win their case. If this is you, contact Michael immediately.

Have you been charged with impaired driving, DUI — over 80 in the Toronto, GTA or Surrounding areas?

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